Let us introduce ourselves to you: we are two architects, Farah Agarwal and Arjen Aarnoudse. Together with our international team, we form the architectural office ‘The Way We Build’. We are young, ambitious and experienced.

We are both strong designers, different but complementary. Farah is a real aesthete and more material oriented, while Arjen is more technical savvy and likes to actively coordinate on the construction site. Together we ensure that every project scores points on spatial quality, sustainability, material and aesthetics. Through intensive cooperation with our clients, carefully selected advisors and commit- ted employees, we can provide all services in the eld of architecture and interior design for both professional and private clients.

We have always been interested in sustainable building although the “ecological aesthetic” was different to ours. This is why we strive to make high-end projects with a positive impact on our environment. We believe that in case of sustainability and ecological building, we do not need a handful of people doing it perfectly, instead we need millions of people trying and doing it imperfectly. Let’s change the way we build!